How We Raise Our Animals

Taylor’s Family Farm is where we raise our beef and lamb. It is just a short distance from our processing and retail business. Years of experience have taught us that raising quality meats is dependent upon the quality of the animal’s life.

Non GMO Grain Finished Beef

No genetically modified feed is fed to our beef. Grains such as corn and soybeans are not part of our feed program, assuring our customers of what they are eating.

We feed heifers from local farmers, purchased @ Keady Livestock Mkt. These heifers are on a Hay/Barley diet for a minimum of 90 days in a semi-confined environment with lots of exercise and straw bedding. No matter what the background of the animals, we change the taste, flavor, texture, and quality of the meat in this time period. All animals fed on the same farm on the same feed gives us consistency in our product. This cannot be said for other meat suppliers. We do not feed or use antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products. Sometimes an animal gets sick. Treatments are administered for the health of the animal and strict protocols are followed.

Our animals are ” low mileage”. Purchased locally, personally delivered 2km down the road for processing, and cut and wrapped on site. Animal stress is low in our low volume plant with individual handling. 14- 18 day natural rail hanging in chill coolers adds to the tenderness and quality od our beef.

We can tell you the story of our Beef. JUST ASK!

Grass Finished Beef

As with our non GMO grain finished beef , we purchase local heifers through Keady Livestock Mkt from local farmers for our grass finished program.

Our philosophy to raising Grass Finished Beef is that our heifers receive only grass for the time period on pasture. As early as the spring grass will support grazing, heifers are turned out to fill up on fresh growth daily. Cattle will graze at will generally 8-10 times throughout the day, resting in between to digest and produce meat. Fresh water is supplied to the paddock locations for easy access at all times. Free choice kelp meal provides trace mineral supplementation.

Animals are moved to fresh pastures regularly to take advantage of new growth clovers and variety of grasses that provide a salad bar choice of greens and the most natural production of beef we can provide to you.

Our beef has a natural rail hanging time of 14 days when it is prepared for counter sales or packaged in approx. 40 lb boxes for your freezer. Ask for more information.

Grass finished beef is a high protein , low cholesterol meat, highGrass in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and low in carbohydrates. Many health officials recommend Grass Finished Beef as an excellent part of a healthy diet.


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